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The battle against Jiggers

Plan of action
Jamin, his wife Rose and his brother Ben have the knowledge and experience how to treat Jiggers. Doctors are therefore not needed for this. Jamin and his team are able to treat 500 people a month. That is a total of 6.000 people per annum. This means that in just a little over 4,5 years all those 28.000 adults and young children in Ikolomani can be treated and become healthy again. By buying all the necessary items and chemicals in bulk and doing everything as simply as possible, the treatment of one person comes to only €20,00 (or Pound Sterling or US Dollar). During treatment Jamin and his team give the victims extensive information about Jiggers and how this can be prevented in future. A person with Jiggers must probably be treated 2 or 3 times. This is catered for in the price of €20,00.

Jigger treatment requirements

The requirements for a Jigger treatment are as follows:

  1. Latex Hand Gloves
    Latex gloves must be worn by the treatment providers during the process of removing jigger fleas.
  2. Savlon Antiseptic
    Before Jiggers are removed, the hands or feet of the infected person have to be washed with antiseptic in order to kill any germs.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide
    Hydrogen peroxide solution helps to kill the jiggers before they are being removed.
  4. Methylated Spirit
  5. Cotton Balls
  6. Bandage Rolls

Part of the treatment is to soak feet in a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Latex Hand Gloves


Hydrogen Peroxide

Methylated Spirit

Cotton Balls

Bandage Rolls