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The Ikolomani Project

Ikolomani is an area in the County Kakamega in Western Kenya with about 100.000 inhabitants and is one of the absolute poorest parts of Kenya. There we came across a poignant health problem. Our motivation to get involved has to do with Jamin Muliru (1968) whom we have known since 2008 when he studied for his Master’s Degree at the I.S.S. (Institute for Social Studies) in the Hague in the Netherlands.

In August 2015 Gerard Nederpel visited Jamin and his family who live there. During Gerard’s visit of a week, he was able to see at first-hand what it is like to live there, like the local people are forced to do every single day of their life. Abject poverty has to be experienced in order to be really understood. Add to this the serious health problem called ‘Jiggers’ and one has a situation which cannot be solved by the local population. But we can! There is namely a simple and effective solution which can easily be carried out by Jamin and his team.

The only obstacle is lack of money. We have been able to make a financial start, now we are waiting for the rest. For this we need your contribution. Please read the background stories on this website. We sincerely hope that it will move you so much that you will also decide to become a donor. Your support is urgently needed.