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On this page a few photos of Jamin and of Gerard’s trip to Kenya in 2015.

Jamin smartly dressed during the award ceremony of his graduation ‘Masters of Arts in Development Studies’ at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague in December 2008.

Jamin addresses youngsters as sponsor of a football tournament which he organised in his village on his return from the Netherlands.

After having done the laundry it is good to take a rest.

Laundry can also be dried in this manner.

It is handier to do the dishes outside the house.


Mud houses don’t have ceilings.

This is the way rainwater is collected which, after boiling, can be used for drinking and cooking purposes.

The night shelter of 3 small cows and a pig.


The graves of Jamin’s father and two of his sisters on their small family compound. One sister died at a young age due to an unfortunate sport injury (International ladies rugby).

The small shop of Ben Muliru. In the adjacent area he undertakes small welding jobs.

On a Sunday morning Gerard attended the Quaker Church Service with the family Muliru. Afterwards everyone came to shake hands with him.


The Muliru family: Jamin, his wife Rose, son Carlos en daughters Sandrah and Chelsea. This was during an open day at the Quaker school of Carlos.